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NAGRA IV-SJ two track, 4 speed tape full recorder in excellent condition and perfect working order

It has been serviced by Mike Harris Sound Services and has a 3 month guarantee

This is an CCIR Recorder and the strode roller is 50 Hz, S/N 13006

2 track tape recorder with FM Pilot sync, supplied with copy of instruction manual, a N-SMPS power supply, a new roll of tape with test tones and music to test the recorder and a new take up spool.

1972 saw the adaptation of the popular IV-S into the IV-SJ. This was an instrumentation recorder for noise and vibration measurement and other scientific audio analysis organization. Equipped with special microphone preamplifiers, modulometer and stepped input attenuators the IV-SJ is used for a multitude of different environmental and industrialization applications. Customers for the IV-SJ varied from NASA to Rolls Royce and Greenpeace. There are some weird filters but it is a still a 2 channel analogue tape recorder

NOTE: This is the first IV-SJ I have sold with it's dust cover, link plugs and input output leads to banana plugs.

The machine is Serial No.1605 with the following features:

  • Two microphone inputs and 2 line inputs, switching between microphone and line inputs on each channel
  • 3 speeds-38, 19, 9.5cm/s (15-7.5-3.75ips)
  • Monitoring selector with monitor speaker, 1Khtz.
  • Reference generator
  • a Bias Switch for tape type
  • Recording Limiter
  • Low Frequency Attenuation
  • Silicon rubber pinch wheel and drive belts
  • Direct /Tape monitoring and PPM metering with red for left and green for right channel meter needles with light
  • Monitoring selector with monitor speaker and level control or headphone monitoring with level control
  • Recording Limiter, 1K/8k Hz.
  • Reference generator set at -8dB
  • Tape head screen cover

  • This recorder is CCIR record and playback, the Red and Green filter control knobs give you normal audio and some strange lefts and cut.

    PLEASE NOTE: There is no mono stereo switch in the headphones or in the line and the headphone switch is channel 1, channel 2 and 3 QUE track. There is no stereo monitoring and it is designed for some very special microphones. But there are some leads available that can give you Dynamic or internally powered microphones inputs, with 8 pin lemo, see NAGRA Leads

    Above, the channel controls work the same way as an IV-S recorder, but the large control is a switch in 10 db steps and the one below is a standard pot from 1 to 10 db. The filter switch LINE is set flat, HP is a base roll off and you could use C for dialog recorder. A B & D has narrow peaks at about 1.k, 4.k and 8k and are not suitable for music recorder, unless you are experimenting with sound.

    These recorders have separate record and playback heads, so when you are recording you can monitor the input signal (DIRECT) or the off tape (TAPE) signal that has been recorded. This confident monitor switch saves you from having to keep playing the tape back to check the recording. If recording from an open microphone it is best to use closed headphones, like the Sennheiser HD25 when monitoring of tape, or you will hear the direct and of tape signals and you could get feedback

    (Pictured above from left to right) stereo output socket on 7 pin Binder plug, channel 1 & 2 line inputs on 7 pin Binder plugs, 2 x 8 pin Lemo microphone 1 & 2 inputs. Above them the gain controls for the microphone inputs.

    (Pictured above right) you can see in the 4 pin PILOT IN socket, with the pilot link plug fitted. This is only needed if you are sinking sound with a camera. And then the CUE 6 pin socket, Nagra supply a CUE microphone, when you are not using pilot you can record audio on the center track, like take number, date name of track, what microphone was used and so on. Then you have the external power socket, and the 4m Banana plug outputs

    PLEASE NOTE: (Batteries and ATN power supply are not supplied with this recorder but are available from Ex Pro Recorders part of Mike Harris Sound Services.

    A nice clean battery box

    No damage to the back

    (Pictured above left) is the 4 tape speed switch

    There is no head wear on the machine and it is setup and biased for AGM SM911 with the bias switch to that close to 1, or for AGFA 368 ZONEL 675, BASF 468 switch to 3 and for Quantegy 480 switch bias to 4 for a flat response and the tape and the sound quality and levels between direct and off tape are identical. A roll of AGM tape is supplied with this recorder. This roll of tape has been used to adjust the Bias, EQ and levels. It now has a test tone, and some music recorder on it, for you to test the recorder.

    (Pictured above left) the small circuit board is the auto tape end stop a very rare extra.

    (Pictured above right) the full QSJA-BK microphone input amplifiers boards and the Ref oscillator are fitted.

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