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In good used condition, with battery charger/power supply, 2 re-cellable batteries and 3 new DAT tapes at £245.00 No VAT. 10 New 90 minute tapes also available at £45.00

4-head portable timecode DAT recorder

The industry standard for professional location DAT recording. The PORTADAT features:

  • A rugged 4 head
  • 4-motor transport derived from DDS technology
  • With 44.1, 48, and 32kHz (LP) sample rates
  • +48V phantom powering
  • Off-tape confidence monitoring
  • The PDR1000TC is equipped to record, generate and reference to timecode in all existing international standards. Comprehensive sync functions include:

  • The ability to convert ABS time to timecode
  • Jam sync to external timecode
  • Record and display 8-digit user bits
  • Generate reference clock for external sync
  • Synchronise to external video sync or digital word clock
  • The illuminated LCD shows:

  • Timecode and user bits
  • Frame rate
  • Sync mode (internal / external)
  • Drop / non-drop frame indicator
  • Timecode errors, timecode lock, and load timecode indicators
  • A built-in limiter is provided, and other key professional features include:

  • Powerful indexing facilities
  • Large illuminated LCD
  • 100Hz high-pass filter
  • Switchable mic attenuation
  • Balanced XLR mic / line inputs
  • AES/EBU and SPDIF digital I/O
  • Clock / calendar function
  • An internal monitor speaker
  • The PDR1000TC will operate for 1.5 hours continuously from a single battery charge. Supplied with 100-240V charger / PSU, carry case, and battery pack.

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