Ref: UO9

ELECTROSOUND ABF3 12 Volt "T" Power Unit

SENNHEISER Model: MKH404, 405 415, 416, 805, 815, 816T powered microphone

This unit has been serviced and new battery connectors fitted. It is in good working order and is fitted with 2 new MN1604 9 volt batteries

PLEASE NOTE : These units have been made to use with the older Mono NAGRA and BM11 mixer. So the XLR connectors are plugs and the wrong way round for later NAGRA's that are fitted with XLR 3 pin sockets

The units have an 10 or 20 db cut, a battery test led and high pass filter in 3 steps. This cuts down the base rumble or handling noise when the microphone is used out of a suspension mount ( However step to is not working)

For information on phasing and powering of T powered microphones see Item Ref: i7

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