Ref: UO8

NAGRA 3rd Microphone Input For Mono 4.L Or 4.2 Tape Recorder

Works with SENNHEISER MKH405 805 415 815 "T" powered microphone or any dynamic microphone

NAGRA model : IV.L, 4L, IV, 2 4.2, E, D

This unit has been serviced and it is in good working order

This is a microphone pre amp that is powered from the NAGRA. This unit plugs into the ACC socket on the Nagra and is controlled by the Line control. This gives you a 3rd microphone input, that can be used for Dynamic or "T" powered microphones.

NOTE: These units have a high pass filter switch. This cuts down the base rumble or handling noise when used hand held

NOTE: The recorder in the picture has 3 mic inputs. however normally NAGRA'S 4s have 2 input and this unit would make 3 microphone inputs. Or if you have a NAGRA E it would make 2 microphone inputs

PLEASE NOTE: The microphones and Narga are not included in this sale

For information on phasing and powering of T powered microphones see Item Ref: i7

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