Ref: UAP14

Automatic MASCOT 400MA NiCd/NiMH Charger

NOTE: For rechargeable batteries only

NAGRA model : III, IV.L, 4L , 4.2, E, D, IV.S / 4S, 4S T/C

These batteries do not like to be recharged unless they have had a good number of days work. You can record about 35 rolls of 5" tape before recharging them. For best results run them down to about 1 volt on the battery volts range on the NAGRA meter before charging again. A 10 hour or overnight charge is all you need.

The LED on the charge will be "yellow" when analysis the battery, "orange" for fast charge, "green" intermittent "yellow" top off charge, "green" trickle charge

NOTE: You can charge the batteries when you are using the recorder.

NAGRA ATN/ATU chargers at 230 ma were made for the old 1.2 or 2 amp batteries so it will take longer to charge these 4 amp batteries. Charge time of over 18 hours

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