Ref: UAP13

NAGRA ATN-ATU Battery Charger Unit

Charger for NAGRA Mono, Stereo or Time Code recorder

NAGRA model : III, IV.L, 4L , 4.2, E, D, IV.S / 4S, 4S T/C

Plug the mains power supply into this unit & plug it into the NAGRA power socket

PLEASE NOTE:- Can only be used with rechargeable batteries and the NAGRA batteries and ATN power supply are not included

When we used the ATN power supply and ATN/ATU charger the batteries were only 2 amp. However now the Ni-CD batteries are 4 amp so instead of taking about 8 hours to charge it would now take 16 hours to get a full charge. Hi-CD do not like to be part used and charged again or they will not give you a full charge again. Best to run them down to 1 volt per cell on the NAGRA meter before charging again.
The NAGRA runs on a 10 volt regulated supply so will not be affected.

The Ni-MH does not have this charging problem. You can top them up when part used. However they are 9 amp so it is best to use a faster charger like UAP14, which can be found on my website.

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