Ref: UAP12

SMPSU Switch Mode Regulated Power Supply Unit

PLEASE NOTE : I will now only be supplying this type of power supply with a UK plug fitted

New mains power supply for NAGRA Mono, Stereo or Time Code recorder

NAGRA model : III, IV.L, 4L , 4.2, E, D, IV.S / 4S, 4S T/C

This is a switch mode regulated power supply that works from 110 to 240 volt ac 50hz or 60hz mains supply. With a -24 volts dc 2.1 amp output with a 6 pin Tuchel plug to fit the NAGRA.

This is an equivalent power supply to the ATN NAGRA power supply and will work in all countries and Yes it will work in the USA

NOTE : This unit is ok for the NAGRA III

I can supply in a -24 or -30 volt unit, to give maximum forward and rewind speed. However 30 volts must not be used with the NAGRA III

It will work fine on the NAGRA 4L 4.2 or 4S. However the tape rewind speed will be a bit slower than the 30 volt ATN 2 or ATN 3 It will still be better than when on batteries.

NOTE: I do supply an alternative mains lead with continental plug

This power supply is not made by NAGRA, and does not have the extra 1 volt 50hz/60hz pilot output sockets, that is needed for older NAGRA’s to run in sync speed with the camera. As this 1-volt output is no longer used because NAGRA’s and cameras have internal crystal sync. This power supply is all you need.

If you have an old NAGRA or one without internal crystal and need to run in 50hz or 60hz sync lock to a projector or camera, you will need an ATN power supply with the I volt pilot and output lead.

PLEASE NOTE: All NAGRA’S are (+) positive case /screen on the DC side

With all NAGRA's it is not a problem when connecting screened audio signals between the NAGRA (+ positive case/screen) and new equipment (- negative case/screen). You can connect the audio input & output case/screen together. However both units must be powered from their own batteries or own power supply.

NOTE: If you get a loud mains hum you could have an earth loop, or if this power supply shuts down when you connect to the NAGRA's inputs or outputs to other equipment. You will need to cut the NAGRA mains plug off and fit a new plug and not connect the earth.

PLEASE NOTE: Old valve amps could have the case/screen connected to one side of the mains, so get help to connect it up

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