Ref: UAP11

SMPSU Switch Mode Regulated Power Supply Unit

New 24 volt 2 pin mains power supply for NAGRA Mono, Stereo or Time Code recorder, reel to reel tape recorder

NAGRA model : 3, III, IV, IV.L, 4.2, E, D, IS, IV-SJ, IV-S & IV.S TC

This is an equivalent power supply to the ATN NAGRA power supply and will work in all countries, and yes it will work in the USA

It will work fine on the NAGRA 111 ( 3 ) & NAGRA 1V (4) and the tape rewind speed will be much better than when on batteries.

NOTE: I will supply a 2 pin mains lead with plug to use in your county, if there is more than one type please let me know which one you would like

I have added this power supply, because on the UAP12 power supply the IEC leads are so stiff and heavy and the plug has an earth pin. When you connect the Nagra to other equipment which is also connected to the mains, you can sometimes get an earth loop buzz and it will be necessary to remove one of the earth's in one of the mains plug to stop the problem. As this power supply has a floating -24 volt DC output and is insulated for mains and earth, you will not have the problem.

This is a switch mode regulated power supply that works from 100 to 240 volt ac, 50hz or 60hz mains supply. with a -24 volts dc 1.2 amp 45 watts output with a 6 pin tuchel or binder plug to fit the NAGRA. It is made to work in the USA and the UK

These power supplies meet CEC & energy efficiency level V requirements, are CE & RoHS compliant. They also have automatic built in short circuit, over voltage and over current protection


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