Ref: UAP1


Mains Power Supply & Battery Charger For "I.S" Recorder or Battery Boxes

NAGRA model: I.S Or works on the DSM AMP

This unit will clip on to an I.S recorder and run from mains. Or use it as a flatbed charger for the IACC rechargeable battery boxes that fit the I.S or DSM AMP

Or you can fit rechargeable batteries in the standard battery box and charge on this unit.

This power supply is made to fit the NAGRA I.S. tape recorder

Or charge the batteries of the NAGRA IACC type I.S or DSM speaker amplifier

In very good condition and perfect working order

Above left the Perspex cover that is in the open position with the spring up connecting pins up, is ready to charge a battery box, above right the contacts for charging are pushed down and the Perspex cover over them, now you can use it as a IS power supply

On the left above you can see the bracket that swings up to hold the battery when charging. Above right switch to I.S power supply to run the I.S, The connections to power the I.S are on the other end of this unit to the charging connections

PLEASE NOTE: The battery box must be fitted with NiCad or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries only. Or you can use the IACC unit however standard non-rechargeable batteries must not be used as they could explode.

ALSO NOTE: The NAGRA I.S tape recorder and battery box is not included with this power supply.

This unit has been serviced. An IEC mains lead will be supplied

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