Ref: UA26

CSS Time Code Resolver

Model: 102 S/N 1023

For 4S TC Stereo NAGRA Sync playback (Pictured Left)

This is an equivalent unit to the QSLS SYNCHRONIZE and the QSLS INTERFACE but all in one box
Take the Time Code link plug out of the NAGRA pilot socket and plug into this resolver.
NOTE: This unit was made by Cooper Sound Services.
Nagra made one like this and ARPC but with no meter

Nagra QSLS INTERFACE external accessory for NAGRA IV-S TC (Pictured Right)

This complements the QSLS SYNCHRONIZE in order to control device playback, by comparing SMPTE Time Code, which is read from tape with TC delivered by internal generator. The QSLS INTERFACE is set between Nagra and QSLS SYNCHRONIZE. It converts the read TC signal into a pilot signal for the QSLS SYNCHRONIZE. And, conversely, converts compensation signal delivered by the QSLS INTERFACE, into a signal compatible with SMPTE reading boards of the NAGRA IV-S TC. Here again, one will not forget to screw on the crystal jumper plug to the QSLS SYNCHRONIZE, if not, sync control is inoperative.


NOTE: Required if you do not have the CCS sync box.

The QSLS SYNCHRONIZER was made for sync playback with the IV-S tape recorder that has FM pilot sync.
When the NAGRA IV-S Time Code recorder was made NAGRA supplied the QSLS INTERFACE to work with the QSLS SYNCHRONIZER.

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