Ref: UA25

NAGRA Plug In Microphones & Line Input Preamplifier Boards

If you do not have switchable microphone inputs see below

NOTE: If you have the switchable microphone inputs this is not for you. If not, to change the mike or line pre-amps, take out the two screws under the NAGRA (as above) and pull the plug in amps out. You can use 6 types 5 microphone and 1 line input

Above (L -R) is a QPM-6 Line Input Preamp, a QPSI Microphone Preamp and a QPM 3-5 Microphone Preamplifier with T power

There is also the QPM3-4, a QPAI and a QPSE xoyo

  • QPM-6 Asymmetrical Line Input: Makes the 3 pin XLR a line input
  • QPSE Microphone Preamplifier: 200 or 50 Ohm Dynamic microphone input, or any microphone with internal battery
  • QPSI Microphone Preamplifier as above
  • QPM 3-5 Microphone Preamplifier: Makes the 3 pin XLR a microphone input. Which powers the 12 volt "T" powered microphones like the Sennheiser MKH 405, 415, 805, & 815 T. These microphones are the same as the MKH 435, 416, 816 P48 phantom powered microphones but work from 12 volt "T" and are much cheaper to purchase.
  • QPM 3-4 as above but older type

  • Other microphone inputs used with the Nagra 4 / IV:

  • SENNHEISER KAT 15-2: See item UA210 Plugs into the line input and uses the line level control
  • AKB-11 12 Volt: See item UA100 Plugs into a Dynamic input and powers the 12 volt "T" microphones
  • Dual 12- 48 Volt Phantom Microphone Power Supply: See item UA48 Plugs into dynamic input
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