Ref: UA2

NAGRA SLO Synchronizer And Connecting Leads For A NAGRA III

In very good condition and good working order, the NAGRA III is just for demonstration and not included in this sale.

If you are interested in the item you need a NAGRA III that has 3 heads and an erase head. Plus a 6 pin plug fitted below the power socket.

The NAGRA III is not a pilot sync recorder, so will not work as sync playback. The green image would be a circle and lock without rolling

The SLO will power the NAGRA III

See the Nagra above If it was a Pilot sync NAGRA III there would be a 6 pin Tuchel plug fitted below the power socket. These leads fit the NAGRA III Pilot recorder only. I have another SLO like this but no leads.

NOTE: I have grey rubber feet on order. I will change the existing fitted ones as they are too slippery

It would be best to take the fuse out for transit. It is a push tern pull out type and can easily get broken, especially if the SLO is stood on its back

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