Ref: UA13


For the NAGRA IV-S plugs into the NAGRA Cue connector

When recording with this microphone you can put audio info on the cue track. like take number, date, right or left track info. On playback just switch the headphones to cue to find the take number.Then switch your headphones back to stereo to play the track or monitor on speakers. a must have unit.

This Microphone is in good working order. Push the button on the side to talk or push in and up to lock on,. You can put take number or announcements about what you are recording for reference. So when playing the tape back you can switch the NAGRA headphones output to CUE and find the track you need. This will not affect the stereo recordings that are also on the tape

NOTE: The one I have in stock now is in much better condition with no rest or paint damage

Looks like some rust under the paint on the back. The box looks like an AKG D109 box

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