NAGRA & Accessories for Mini Tape Recorder

 All NAGRA are in good condition and perfect working order. Fully serviced by Mike Sound Services

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NAGRA SN SRB Type Reel Winding Unit
Made with Nagra motors and parts
With Nagra quality workmanship


AA Battery Holder Adapter
For Nagra ASN DC Supply/Charger
In excellent condition and good working order


NAGRA SN SGX Pilot Record Unit
This item plugs onto the side of a Nagra S.N recorder and adds sync to the recording when it is to be played back on the lps, for transferring recordings to sync with film camera
In excellent condition and good working order
There is no off switch and extension socket for remote stop start


NAGRA SN Headphone Amp Kit
This unit has 2 outputs, a on/off & level control, 1&2 base boost and is charged from a usb socket
I am very impressed by the sound quality of this little unit
We supply a lead from the SN to the M-Audio headphone amp that has C & R in it, It will not work without this lead

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