Ref: B8

24 Volt 26 Amp Battery Box in Peli flight case

2 x 12 Volt 26 Battery in Peli flight case. With 1 x XLR 3 Pin output, and a new automatic LED

2 x Sealed Lead Acid Cyclic Battery in Peli 1300 flight case with 1 x XLR 3 Pin output sockets on the side.

Pin 1 (+) pin 2 (-) as Panavision termination, The maximum fused output is 20 Amps but a 10 amp fuse is fitted, and maximum charging voltage of 29 volts at 6 ampere.

New Large automatic LED is fitted:

  • Green for full battery
  • flashing Yellow Green time to charge
  • Red you must stop using or you will shorten the life of the battery.

    Inside the box there is a fuse, remove the fuse when shipping

  • The output lead is supplied by Panavision, this lead is a 2 pin Fisher plug to a 3 pin XLR male plug.

    ELITE - E 24 Volt 5 Amp intelligent switchmode charger £60 This charger can be used to charge your car battery However car type chargers must never be used on these batteries

    NOTE: All batteries are 30% less efficient when very cold, hand or foot warmers can be put inside when used in extreme cold to keep the battery at peak performance.

    See Ref: C1, C2 and C3 for suitable chargers.

  • Dimensions: 270H x 246W x 174D mm
  • Weight: 14.52kg
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