Ref: B7

Black Box Booster

24 Volts from 2 x YPC 12 Volt 26 Battery in PELI flight case. With 1 x XLR 3 Pin output, now fitted with new automatic LED

2 x YPC 12 Volt 26 Amp Yuasa or Haze Sealed Lead Acid Cyclic Battery in Peli 1300 flight case with 1 x XLR 3 Pin output sockets on the side.

Pin 1 (-) pin 2(+). link pin 1 & 3 to switch to external battery. Or 4-pin XLR pin 1 neg pin 4 pos, The maximum fused output is 10 Amps, and maximum charging voltage of 29 volts at 6 ampere.
There is an L.E.D battery voltage indicator that will switch on when the output lead is plug in and will switch off below 21.50 volts indicating the battery needs charging.
Not discharging below 21.50 volt will prolong the life of the battery

This Battery will run SR3 Camera continually for 8 hours or a F65 Camera for 5.5 hours, so for intermittent uses you can more than bubble the hours

Inside the box there is a fuse, remove the fuse when shipping

New Large automatic LED is fitted:

  • Green for full battery
  • flashing Yellow time to charge
  • Red you must stop using or you will shorten the life of the battery.

    A Neutrik 3 pin to 3-pin output lead is £25 and 4 pin £28

  • ELITE - E 24 Volt 5 Amp intelligent switchmode charger £60 This charger can be used to charge your car battery However car type chargers must never be used on these batteries

    NOTE: All batteries are 30% less efficient when very cold, hand or foot warmers can be put inside when used in extreme cold to keep the battery at peak performance.

    See Ref: C2 and C3 for suitable chargers.

    For more information see Ref: B5 Yuasa batteries.

  • Dimensions: 270H x 246W x 174D mm
  • Weight: 14.82kg
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