Item USN2A


Another masterpiece from Nagra Kudelski in perfect working order.

This S.M.R, has a microphone input adaptor or 4 pin Line input & control, all in very good condition and perfect working order, the level control when hand held has a small knob on the dial that you can control the record level with the thumb, and you can see your record level on the meter, It has H.P and LFA filters this gives very low handling noise

This unit is 5 inches (13 cm) long, with the CK8 fitted it's 14.5 inches (37 cm) long, an SN recorder is not included in this sale, the SN has a low output as it is designed to playback with a DOCKING STATION LPS PILOT and TRANSFER UNIT, but I can supply a headphone amp, but it's not included.

The microphone used with this SMR is an AKG CK8 shotgun, but it will take the range of AKG capsule like CK1 or CK5

The AKG CK8 fits the SMR, with an adapror fitted it also has an original MCL line input lead

Above;- The MCL line or microphone input lead with a 4-pin Tuchel, plugs into the top of the SMR unit, after the CK8 and adapter has been removed, The SMR is than a Line input control with a XLR 3 pin socket on the end.

When switch to PLAYBACK the SN recorder will play back without unplugging the input lead from the SN, you just have to rewind the tape to check your recording.

There is also a screw socket in the base of the S.M.R to fit a stand or extension pole( not included )

Please note, I don't have a foam gag.

The AKG microphone system in very good condition and perfect working order.

there are some marks on the back of the SMR, and you can see the 6 pin plug the connects to the SN

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