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Item UMN1A

NAGRA JBR PLAYBACK SYSTEM PS-1 with copy of instruction manual.

JBR miniature professional tape recorder is not included.

2 Channel cassette tape player, to analyze covert recorders made for the JBR miniature spy recorder. The next generation of the Nagra SN-ST spy recorder/player.

This PS-1 has been tested by Mike Harris Sound Services and is in good working order.

This is an amazing piece of equipment you can even adjust the Azimuth on the playback head.

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The Perspex lid is in good condition.

Above there is a speaker in each side and headphone jack and speaker switch on the right hand side

I don't have any external units like the REMOTE with this unit, the outputs are on RCA Phono or 4 mm Banana plugs, it will run from internal batteries or from the 4-pin XLR from an external battery, not included. It just has an ICE mains lead.

It has a removable Perspex lid, just push the two pins together

I have pictured this deck like this so you can read everything as it would take to long to list it.

The hole above the speaker phones control is not something missing but a light sensitive cell to dim the LED at night, only Nagra would go that far.

The nice clean battery box takes 12 x C type batteries, -----------------------------------Above right, is with the cover above this open

Below is the UBR recorder and the tape cassettes, I have opened one of these sealed tapes to test the unit. The tape is 9.7 x 5.6 x 5 mm so you can see that the recorder is not much bigger, it runs from 3 x 1.5 volt N size or LR1 type batteries

Please Note:- The UBR recorder is not included in this sale. And I don't have one, but the 2 cassettes are included

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