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Another masterpiece from Nagra Kudelski in perfect working order.

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Exceptional condition. Working perfectly. Record, playback, low handling modes. I have a couple of small 4-5 second videos of both the mic and S.M.R working together with the SN tape recorder (not included in listing), which I can send anyone interested.

This handheld remote has exceptional handling noise reduction, and allows the Nagra SN tape recorder (shown as illustration and NOT part of listing) to use a range of microphones. It allows the levels to be adjusted and monitored, and gives a playback option, which is also useful. I have used item many times, and with several different AKG capsules.

The S.M.R is a rare an incredible asset if you own the SN and use it, or similarly, it is equally nice in a collection.

The AKG CK 8 capsule is included in the listing and plugs straight in without a pre-amp, giving a shotgun capacity to the Nagra.

The S.M.R is in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition and comes with original neck cord.

Note: Nagra tape recorder NOT part of listing, tripod not part of listing, both illustration
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Please Note The SN recorder is not included.

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The AKG microphone system in very good condition and perfect working order to use on a 48 phantom powered XLR input

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