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NAGRA KUDELSKI 4S WITH TIME CODE, This is a NAB reel to reel tape recorder, with 7"inch lid adaptor

Stereo tape recorder with time code, supplied with copy of instruction manual, a new roll of BASF tape with test tones & music, shoulder strap fixing screws and 7" lid adaptor,

Nagra 4S stereo time code recorder in excellent condition and perfect working order, it look feels and sound like a new recorder

This Recorder has been serviced by Mike Harris Sound Services and has a 3 Month guarantee for date of purchase

This recorder has been made by Nagra as a time code recorder, it is not a modified IV-S

please note;- the tape cleaning blade QRAC is no longer fitted and is not with this sale.

The machine is Serial No. 0605439 with the following features:
This machine is a Full Time Code Recorder and is record EQ is NAB, it has two microphone inputs which are switchable to select between "T" power, Phantom (12v and 48volt), 50 or 200 Ohm Dynamic or ribbon microphones, phase switch on channel one, switching between microphone and line inputs on each channel, 3 speeds-38, 19, 9.5cm/s (15-7.5-3.75ips). Monitoring selector with monitor speaker, 1Khtz. Reference generator, NAB or CCIR playback EQ, a Bias Switch for tape type, Recording Limiter, Low Frequency Attenuation, silicon rubber pinch wheel and drive belts, part Ruby tape guides, 7" inch removable lid, Direct /Tape monitoring and PPM metering with red for left and green for right channel meter needles with light, Monitoring selector with monitor speaker and level control or headphone monitoring with level control and Right left and stereo switching, Recording Limiter,
1K/8k Hz. Reference generator set at -8dB, tape head screen cover, and the take up roller has a minutes counter, Perspex lid adapter to take 7"spool is fitted, it also has thhe fittings for a NAB spool adapter, (adapters not supplied)

The picture above shows a mark on the label under the serial number

These recorders have separate record and playback heads, so when you are recording you can monitor the input signal (DIRECT) or the off tape (TAPE) signal that has been recorded, this confident monitor switch saves you from having to keep playing the tape back to check the recording. If recording from an open microphone it is best to use closed headphones, like the Sennheiser HD25 when monitoring of tape, or you will hear the direct and of tape signals and you could get feedback

There is nominal head wear on the machine and it is setup and biased for Agfa, BASF PER 368 or 468 tape and the sound quality and levels between direct and off tape are identical. A roll of BASF 368 tape is supplied with this recorder, this roll of tape has been used to adjust the Bias, EQ and levels, it now has a test tone and some music for you to test on the recorder, you can cut this off of the roll and keep it as a test tape or record over it.

(Batteries and ATN power supply are not supplied with this recorder) but a SMPS power supply is supplied and can be exchange for an ATN type power supply

There is nominal head wear on the machine, But the only problem with this recorder is the damage to the pespex lid at the hinges,

Slide out this pin to remove the lide

Above is the damage to the Perspex lid and one side had to be taped out to larger screws, I don't have another lid to fit this recorder at the moment, but the glue is holding it ok and it is useable.

This recorder has a 3rd center track that puts the time a date in the tape, this can be used to sync with a camera or added to the computer recordings for editing or just quick finding tracks

The information on time code set-up on the bottom of the recorder, the battery box and the back of the recorder are in good and undamaged condition

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